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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 10, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch anany chnel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. . >> president obama back in the bay area tonight. raising money. clogging traffic and attracting protestors. >> good evening. amma is off tonight. the president arrived at sfo 3:30 this afternoon greeted by senator congresswoman an a. also shook hands with small group of invited guest and posed for picture with a baby. the president is back in the bay area to raise more money for
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the democratic party. fundraiser is being held at the w hotel south of market this evening. tonight event fv cost between 500 and 32,000 dollars to attend. tomorrow the president will attend fund wrister for only 25 people at home of co-founder mark pink us. elite event. tickets for the event 32,000 dollars a pop. dozens of protestors greeted the president outside the holy hotel this evening. this group is made mostly of anti-war protestors. they say the president did not ask the people nor congress for permission to attack isis in sir why. >> he won't hear us. it tassie think it takes 5000 dollars to have him har you. the but people people are going to hear news the streets. hopefully he will join us. >> across the street war to testtors. these from the california occurred community center asking the president to
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help the innocent citizen killed or threatened in border towns near syria and iraq. the president visit is one of several factors contributing to major traffic problems in downtown san francisco. just been a mess this afternoon and evening. in addition to street closure around the w hotel tonight howard street is shut down at third for the sale force dream force convention. police barricade are going up and officers encouraging everyone to leave the car at home. >> awful. i should be riding my by single. >> come visit the city for other activity and today we ask you to take public transportation cal-trans, bart, ferry. >> traffic was so bad tonight several people tweet that had they were stuck in the fifth admission parking garage for hours during the president visit. now we continue to monitor president obama bay area visit and bring you updates tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock so look for that on channel 7 and as always stay up to date by following us on twitter at abc 7 news bay
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area. >> san francisco police are defending the handling of domestic dispute where man shot and seriously wounded ex girlfriend before ultimately killing himself. this happened on south of market. police received 4 911 call in the hours that led up to that final and deadly encounter t.7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> getting another call. whispering his roommate has been shot. tibl hiding in the closet. and ex boyfriend and roommate were in the holloway. >> this is last call received by san francisco police dispatch after early morning double shooting at apartment and one witness told us he heard multiple gunshots. >> screws heard 3 shots these all. >> young woman suffered critical wound and ex boyfriend 29-year-old cedric young junior dead apparently from self inflicted gunshot wound.
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>> had he made threat was shae afraid of him. >> from the police officers at the scene the initial accounts no the interaction police officers observed between the 2 were all cordial there was no verbal arguing. >> at 8:30 last tonight police received the first 911 call. but the victim hung up when it seemed the situation was resolved. at 9:15 she called again. officers responded and persuaded the man to leave. at 10:00 o'clock another call. and the suspect was arrested for public intoxication. but he stay entered jill for just a few hours. at 4 a.m. another 911 call. police allowed the man to pack up some belongings then watched him leave. at 5:00 a.m. the call came in. shots fired. >> police officers acted within policy when they were able to make an arrest they d.he was under the influence of alcohol. in a public place. nibble to care for himself and they made arrest and book in the county jill and held there for several hours. then he returned and committed the act later in the
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morning. >>reporter: neighbor told abc 7 news the young woman had recently apologized to them for previous disturbance involving the ex boyfriend. she told them he was no longer allowed to live in the apartment. in san francisco, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> if you won't see off duty san jose police officers monlighting at lee view stadium for the time being. this afternoon the department temporarily banned them from doing any security work for the 49ers and the players. now this follows a 7 news report last week that told you a sergeant who work security received a personal call from ray mcdonned around the same time as 911 call place from his home. that officer responded to mcdonald house even though he was not assigned to the cas case. other officers arrested mcdonald for domestic violence on his fiance. prosecutors not filed formal charges against mcdonald. the president of that sergeant has complicated the investigation.
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the body of pilot killed while fighting a wildfire was brought back home to san jose today. craig hunt died when the plane hit a steep canyon wall dropping flame retardant on fire near yosemite. small family service held today at funeral home on reid street and vic lee has the story. >> procession started at the corner darns coroner office in modest to. hearst carrying the body of pilot hunt along with fire engine and cal fire chief vehicle. when it arrived in san jose, motorcycle unit escorted the convoy to this funeral home. across the street san jose firefighters raised the american flag from aerial ladder truck sign of respect for a fallen brother. >> this is just one more reminder of the ultimate sacrifice some of the firefighters have to pay and really the risk that comes with doing the profession we chose to do. >> the brief service at the funeral home was private. only family members of the 62-year-old air tanker pilot.
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daughter sarah. >> my father was true hero. and very, very sad day. >> hunt flying air tanker on tuesday battling a wildfire near yosemite. plane hit the side of the valley wall and burst into flames engulfing the ridge fire smoke. the captain recounted how dangerous piloting air tanker can be. >> some of the maneuver that they do there truly amazing hero. to our department. >> search team recover brought hunts body back over steep rocky terrain wednesday mornin morning. ceremony was held in the field before his remains draped in an american flag were transported to modest to. cal fire honor guard brought the casket inside the funeral home for the short service. hunt was a navy pilot who ballotsed wildfire after he left the service. he was a chemistry teacher during the off season. but first love was flying. >> adrenalin is what had him
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going. he loved his job so much. i know he loved what he did and he died doing what he loved. >> hunt would have been a grandpa in january. sarah is expecting a baby girl who in her words will have the best from nend heaven for the rest of her life. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the cal fire has given its fleet of 22 air tanker the green flight good back to work now. agency grounded the aircraft after the fatal crash in yosemite. cal fire officials lifted the flight ban wins federal investigators determined this the crash was not relited to mechanical problems that could impact some of the other planes. fire crew making progress against wildfire burning in placer county. fire along interstate 80 at apple gate has destroyed 6 homes and threatening hundreds more. it's now burped more than 400 acres and 30 percent contained he crew drop fire retardant from helicopter and fixed wing
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aircraft. >> the state attorney general harris opened an investigation into e-mails sent between pg&e and california public utility commission. this follow p uc president peeve announcement yesterday that he will not seek a third term. the term ends in december. step down. sacramento bee also reports that harris investigation centers on the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion and the setting of utility rates for consumers. the still ahead at 9:00. call to oust microsoft ceo one day after the controversial comment on the gender wage gap. >> and child in critical condition tonight after fall into jaguar exhibit. how he got there and how he got out. >> experience here with the weather. >> yes, i am. we look at warm-up this weekend. big one. how wairment is where you are in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment.
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>> make soft new ceo apologizinging for comment he made about the issue of pay raises for women. he indicated that not asking for a raise was good karma and would come back to you. washington came back to him now has him changing his tune in a big way. emmet miller has the story. >> that good karma. it will come back. >> the comments that have microsoft ceo spinning on his heels. the question how should win ask for raises. >> not really about asking for the race but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. >>reporter: in other words, don't. >> he basically said she need not ask for raise but rather to trust in the system that in the long-term she would get the 98 she deserves.
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>>reporter: serving as key note speaker largest technology conference if the country. reaction swift and incisive. college president make soft board member maria. >> conference attendee. >> there was this the audible intake of breath saying did i hear that right. >> on twitter one woman writes did he say not asking for arise and work out in the end. the retraction just as swift. hours later the microsofttaf staffer he write i answer the question completely wrong. women should get equal pay for all work a raise ask. >> i think it may ab blind spot or tone death to this issue. >> seattle technology reporter says tech firms have a gender gap. only about 30 percent of the work force microsoft are women and less likely for men to feel comfortable trumpeting chiefment or asking for raises.
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>> speak to go microsoft for mye in november and happy to answer any questions on the subject at that point. >> in los angeles emmet miller abc news. >> and this. wells fargo employee bold move. e mailed the company ceo asking for 10,000 dollar raise for himself and 2000 r00,000 fellow workers t.he works in oregon noted that the ceo made 19 million last year he wrote with all the focus on income an equality this is chance for wells fargo to show big corporation can have a heart. wells fargo says the bank offer employee market competitive compensation that significantly exceed federal minimum. in other words, no raise. >> devastating leak for users of this photo sharing app snap chat. hundreds of thousands os of private photo leak on line even though the app is designed to threat the photo within 10 seconds after they are viewed. snap chat is blaming the leak on unchord third party app
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which saves user photo and video. social media site says own server never compromise. half of snap chat user thought the file would disappear immediately. but not so. >> macy workers have to cut the thanksgiving day dinner a little bit short this year. department store will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. executive sent out e-mail to workers notifying them of the early shopping holiday. several people post the notice on line. macy the first mainly retailer to officially announce the thanksgiving day hours. >> listening way to thanksgiving. but it is at legislature feeling a little bit more like fall out there spencer is here with the forecast. nice and cool out there tonight. beautiful >> it is beautiful. next week even cooler. rape may be falling by the moyvlingts next weak. indication that fall is certainly here. we have low clouds at the coast. high clouds broken high clouds moving overhead right now. but we have lots of mostly clear sky. as evidence by this shot
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from the sutro tower cam are with the full moon over the bay. see outline of low clouds over the bay. thin low clouds. 57 degrees in san francisco. upper 50's at oakland san carlos and san jose. 63 and morgan hill 57 at half machine basement lovely view portion of sky line of downtown san francisco from the exploring camera from thin clouds in the background there more temperature readings 56 degrees at both santa rosa and nap a.55 petaluma and low 60's at fair field concord livermore and live view from the emeryville camera west ward across the bay. forecast feature turning warmer tomorrow noticeably warmer. much warmer on sunday that will be the peak day of warming in the next 30 three days then chance of written next tuesday and wednesday along with much cooler weather. overnight though we see some more fog pushing locally beyond the coast locally over the bay inland if you hay clouds moving over low pressure in the mid upper 50's and then as we take a look at our fog cast we see
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fog pushing inland overnight but pulling back to the coast license tomorrow afternoon giving way to mainly season afternoon with just a few passing high clouds and it will be noticeably warmer tomorrow than today. if fact look at the satellite image see why it warms up this we hope. big ridge of high pressure building in. sunday as i mention the peak of the warming but then rate behind that comes this pool of cold air accompanied by storm system dropping down out of the gulf of alaska that bring us a little bit of fall chill and some rain around the middle of next weak. meanwhile if we still have concerns about fair red flag warning in effect for high fire danger from tomorrow night late tomorrow nature to early monday morning for the north bay mountains east bay hills and santa cruz mountains with strong dry gusty winds very low humidity and that of course tell raises potential for rapid fire growt growth. we also have a beach hazard system in effect saturday morning tomorrow morning to late sunday might for most of our beaches north bay coast peninsula coast monterey bay large north west swell. 11 to 13 feet in heigh
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height. strong rip current leakly and sneakpossible as weln next week. let's do the forecast animation starting on monday. tuesday see arrival of rain late tuesday into early wednesday then by late wed we see tapering off but we aren't are going to get a nasty dose next week won't last long enough. sunny could i in the afternoon. fog in the coast. upper 60's at the coast to about 90 in the warmest inland spot and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warming tapers off on monday tuesday wednesday sharp drop in temperatures and some rain drop as well and rest of the week thursday friday is dry but much much cooler than the weather this weekend. >> big change. >> thanks very much. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. you hear from the youngestest person ever to win the nobel peace prize. >> and special honor for actress and activist angelina just a moment i'll be back. 7 news at 9
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st. >> good evening again. begin this half hour with distichingt honor. attack survivor the youngest nobel winner ever. may lal a who is 17 was honored for her work to protect children. susan has the story. >> this is not end of the campaign that i have started. i think this is really the beginning. >>reporter: the 17-year-old pakistani child education activist is in the international spotlight again becoming the youngest person ever to win the nobel peace prize. sharing the honor with if this the person from india for children rights. >> it is important point for
9:24 pm
behind i and muslim. independent i don't know and pakistani to join in that the struggle for education and extremeism. >> only 2 years ago that taliban gunman shot him in the head for detroit tiger to get an education and for being out spoken about girls having the trite good to school. >> since then she turned her personal tragedy in a campaign for school girl whose education lives are threatened around the world. >> i truly believe the only way we can create global peace and pest and prosperity is only about reading knowledge and education. >> sheree main humble even in the face of extraordinary come mrshment. >> this award is not just a piece of medal or award in your room. thinks encouragement for
9:25 pm
me to good forward. >>reporter: she said that going to school is like walking through a magic door to your dreams and today sure enough she was in class when her good news was announceded. this is abc news washington. >> angelina jolie has been made an honorary dame by britain queen elizabeth during a private meeting at buckingham palace. actress recognized for her work against sexual violence in war zones. >> still to come her tonight. new screening measure in place starting tomorrow at some of the country busiest airport. >> furious passengers over the treatment of soldier on u.s. airway flight. what happened and what they want done now. >> plus the dedication of new veteran memorial in san francisco. more than 8 decades in the making. francisco. more than 8 decades in the making. >> another half hour of 7 news oh chris, did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
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sfichlt tonight thomas eric duncan family continues to mourn his loss we learn valuable lesson from his death from the ebola various. what was missed and how could we stop that from happening again. marsy has the latest. >> family of the first person whoever died of ebola in the u.s. reless medical records to the associated press today. reportedly showing that when thomas eric duncan first went to the dallas hospital he not only told the nurse he had recently been to west africa his temperature was alarmingly high. 103 degrees. still he was sent home. >> if he was just too high to accepted someone home with such high fever. >> days later rushed become to the hospital and admitted. dying there on wednesday. his case part of the focus of a congressional hearing held this afternoon at dallas ft. worth international airport. >> must learn from the misstep
9:30 pm
and ensure proper procedures established and followed. should another case arise in the united states. >> duncan family now confirming cremated as first american ebola patient the doctor expressed his sympathy today. >> my heart is broken for his family. >>reporter: mane while the health of another american ebola patient improving slightly. contracted ebola in liberia. starting tomorrow passengers coming from that country as well as guinea and sierra leone face extra screening at jfk with 4 other airport doing the same starting next week. >> this as the death toll continue to climb in west africa. now more than 4000 people have died from the virus there. this is abc news dallas. and one more figure on thi this. nearly 9,000 cases of ebola have been reported in 7 countries. >> the state department his renewed the global terrorism
9:31 pm
alert for americans traveling abroad. new worldwide caution was issued today. state department says it is seeing heightened risk of repriceal attack from the islamic state group and supporters because of u.s. airstrike. alert replaces existing warning issued in april and also notes the growing threat of kidnapping by terrorists. child is in critical condition after he fell that a jaguar exhibit at the little rock zoo in arkansas. >> 911. >> we need somebody over here at the little rock zoo. baby fell in the tigeren closure tiger attacked the baby. >> father told police he was leaning over the rail to take a picture of the animal when he saw his son fall. the child fell nearly 2 stories in a jaguar exhibit where he was bitten by 2 animals inside. zoo staff arrived they were able to keep the jaguar at bay with fire extinguisher pretty quick thinking and eventually pulled bought it to safety. the toddler is in critical condition tonight but doctors apparently say he's expected to
9:32 pm
survive thank goodness. moving on. return of fleet week gives san francisco a chance to honor our nation hero in a way that some say is more than 80 years overdue. 7 news reporter jonathan bloom attended dedication for memorial to those who paid the ultimate price. >> i just want to thank everyone wearing a white cap here for their service. >>reporter: senator feinstein addressed a crowd of men and women in yawn form visiting san francisco for fleet week. but she came to dedicate memorial on hold since before she was mayor of san francisco. >> let me assure you if that day has been long in coming. >>reporter: mayors who follow including will brown saddle with the job left unfinished for why years. monument to america veteran in the plaza between the veteran building and the war memorial open are house put off due to look of money 30. was a lot of talk over the years about completing it. 3 separate committees were formed and disbanded.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: but in the mean tame veteran created their own memorial. >> over the years if this just happened. people would come and bring soil from battle fields where americans had lost their lives and they would bury it within the octagon. >> ease why this artist designed this monument passage of remembrance around the very soil left by veteran. once buried now sealed within the wall. >> i felt most important thing for me was a connection to that soil. >> with all the about monyou nont american hero the soil placed in a chest and slid in the octagon privately funed 2.5 million dollar tribute to those who gave their lives an those they left behind. >> by honoring the fallen we must also honor those who they really fought for and with. city. those whether made it back home. >>reporter: for current mayor he hadley that's a call to action. >> today we are on our way to end chronic homelessness for veteran.
9:34 pm
>> for the artist she designed the compartment to be reopen over the years for soil from future war. >> we never have the opportunity to putney more soil in that octagon that would be my dream nishtion san francisco, jonathan bloom a pwvl c 7 news. >> several passengers on board u.s. airway flight are outraged after flight attendant refused to hangup army ranger blue dress code. this picture of first sergeant albert decorated special force soldier t.he was flying from portland to charlotte when he asked flight attendant if he could hangup his jack tote keep from it getting wrinkled. one passenger says it was the flight attendant response that made him so mad. >> her response wasn't that there is not space in the coat closet or i have already hung too many jacket up it was just simply our airline policy says i won't do it so i'll not do i it. >>reporter: u.s. airway spokesperson says they are looking into whether flit attendant did anything wrong.
9:35 pm
also trying to reef the sergeant to thank him for his service. programming note devastating earthquake happened 25 years ago next friday believe it or not. cheryl jennings my colleague is taking a look back tomorrow tonight at then:30 with premiere of the abc 7 special 15 second, 25 years later the loma earthquake we hope you can join cheryl tomorrow for the indepth repor report. >> just ahead tonight. teenager using technology to help make a difference. how he hopes the creation will help fight obesity. stay
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>> oakland teenager recognized by the witness house as leader on the fast track. he is surely. that as nick smith explains, this teenager is one of several minority students who have been who have used innovative games and app to address important social issues. >> 16-year-old mexican born george avila lopez surrounded by will have. he says family support has pushed him and helped him to succeed when so many things outside his home are working against him. namely crime. >> my school is 5 minutes away. that direction. i captain walk to my own house 5 minutes away because of the danger. they have to pick me up. despite the challenge he started learning to code in the 9th grade and now a new language. it was ruby gave birth to the idea to change his community. >> well as low income minority i know a lot of people who are like over weight. >>reporter: so he decided he wanted to did something about
9:40 pm
it. he's one of 20 students to 7 prestigious leader on the fast track or lost fellowship. program reward gamers and ability to improve society. they were inviteed to dcless week to show off the app. george created this. trim fit and trim fit 2 trash smash. >> try to encourage people to lose weight. >>reporter: that's right. he created 2 app to help fight obesity and what he says are the hardest hit communities. >> obesity rate. >>reporter: introducing trim fit. it works like this you sign up and you are connected to community of others struggling with weight. able. fitness level and bmi matched with the other. plan is developed to best help you achieve your vitd fitness goal. but he few kid would be a tougher net nut to crook sew came up with trim fit 2 trash smash. >> like this but instead healthy and healthy fad
9:41 pm
floating aron the screen. >>reporter: kid playing the game smasht unhealthy have had and earn point. see tonight real life that's in the game. how also kids are. that's in the game. i'm not to eat that. >>reporter: teaching healthy food choices early on and helping to change the physician of his community. in oakland, nick smith abc 7 news. >> coming up next at 9:00. flying high with fleet week. tradition and the big stars of this weekend show. i'll automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class.
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. suze. >> parade of ship arrived in san francisco this morning.
9:45 pm
hundreds of people watch along the waterfront to see them dock. highlight of fleet week the blue angel over the weekend. lee ann has the story. >> this group of friend has made it a tradition to parring the gmc classic motor home on treasure island every year for fleet week. visibility wasn't ideal but they were excited to see the parade of ship make its way down the bay. >> this is pretty neat but best thing is the fly over from the blue angel. that is ultimate. >>reporter: blue angel the star of fleet week. >> cruise downturn side way like viewing our motor home. >>reporter: he and his brother-in-law decided to hang out here without their wives. >> she went with my grand kid to phoenix. may be even her who is calling. it is her. >>reporter: wants to know what you are doing. >> yes. >>reporter: the public will enjoy touring the ship
9:46 pm
including uss america. newist assault ship which will be commission tomorrow. others are her for training exercises. some of the pilots on bore the america participated in this urban search rescue training on treasure island with san francisco firefighters. >> as pilot we see what the guy on the ground need from us. how to assist them from the ai air. group of first responders here to get ideas on how to search for victims of an earthquake. powerful quake hit the central philippines last october. >> should give us app idea how to do things right. we my be doing things but if look forward to doing it the right way. opportunity for us. >>reporter: they have a chance to enjoy the festivities of fleet week. about 1 million spectators are drawn here every year. behind me you have the the is ships tomorrow from 9 to 4. on the embarcadero lee ann,
9:47 pm
abc 7 news. >> now if you can not make it to san francisco to see the blue angel in person, watch it where you live by visiting abc 7 we stream the air show live tomorrow l sunday as well at 3:00 p.m. so check it out. >> well of course we all want sunny sky for the blue angel perform as scheduled tomorrow. one latter check on the weather now. spencer is here. >> we still get sunny sky for much of the weekend. right now we have about low cloud near the coast. few high cloud moving over. that will continue overnight into tomorrow morning before giving way to sunny sky in the afternoon. in fact it's sunny across entire state tomorrow afternoon. warm in the interior section of the state with high in the low 90's many location here in the bay area we see temperatures rising tomorrow upper 70's inter70 open the coast. mid upper 70's around the bay and upper 80's to near 90 warmest inland location and nasty weather tomorrow afternoon for all the fleet week festivities. easy for me to say. early morning hours still see some lingering
9:48 pm
cloud and fog but by midday into the afternoon hours we see season sky and breezy but mild with high pressure here in san francisco up to near sfi 70 and evening hours clouds coming become and temperatures dropping. here's alaska weather 7 day forecast. sunday is a hot day actually around the bay inland mid 90's inland. mid 80's around the bay. mid 70's on the coast. temperatures moderate a bit monday then drop-off sharply tuesday wednesday along with some rain drops coming in late tuesday into early wednesday much needed rain may fought be a lot of rain but we appreciate any rain we can get these days. >> we do thanks. >> orphan baby woman bat found new surrogate mom. she was found hours after mother struck and killed by a car in australia and now zoo keeper evelyn has taken over. she cares khloe around with her in a pouch she made out of a pillow case. and bottle feed her every 5 hours. look how small it is. zoo keeper hope
9:49 pm
she will be strong enough to return to the wild in a year and a half. but khloe getting fabulous care in australia. cute. >> she's really cute. yes. is we were watching khloe at 4:00 o'clock. were like oh. oh. brings your bloop down. >> yes it does. i bring it back up. that's whether i'm here for. in sports big tonight for kevin stanford play friday night football. under the lets cardinal matching fire with fire facing arid attack sports female announcer: save up to 35%! and through columbus day, get three years interest free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. battle over clash over class that is going viral tonight on soccer field i feel not exactly how you want to spend your friday night. why these frustrated drivers were stranded for hours. talking grid lock. those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on grid lock. those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:53 pm
>> on to sports director larry and talk about tomorrow big game. >> yes. before we get to the giants college football. suffocating defense versus the air raid offense. stanford try to put the clamp on washington state friday night football. wazzu scored 59 points in last second loss to cal last week. stanford alum tiger woods on the side lines watching kevin in the first quarter going down deep the middle. wide open. 39 yard. 7 nothing stanford. hogan threw for 3 touch down. tightenment stanford up at the half. only 2 catch of the gam game. could have had more patrick the younger brothers of ex cardinal shane fumble at the one yard line. wazzu recovers and the perfect throw to ty but called back because of illegal shift. top of the screen. loon of scrimmage then just moves off. snap of the bull so wazzu down friend. fourth an
9:54 pm
goal. you never want to throw the ball late back across the field but does for touch down. to river. it's 24-17. stanford though. wright. tackle. dive for the end zone under 2 minutes to my at stanford. thoois game away. 34 to 17. cardinal improved to 4 and 2 of all now 2 and 1 in pack 12 play. giants back in the national league championship series. for the third time in the last 5 years. they won the world series tonight in 2010 and 2012. meanwhile the cardinals talk about consistent. nlcs for the fourth straight year. won the title in 2011 and team square off game 1 in st. louis. this is battle of 18 game winner madison going for the giants against 20 game whipper adam wane wright for saint louis. cardinal come that the series with a lot of confidence. they crushed the dodgers star customer should twice in the
9:55 pm
division series. that's something that fellow lefty bump garner did take note of. >> they seem pretty comfortable face left hand pitching so that's the that just tells you how good a hitter they are. i just have to be careful and just got to make pitches hopefully the bull bounce our way. >> success in the post season bread future success in the post season. i really believe. that gives you confidence if you don't have confidence you don't have anything. >> out fielder michael morris on the giants roster for the series. come back strained oblique muscle. 2 at bat since august the 31st. what impact he has. bruce plans on using morse off the bench for game 1. early in the season he started out on fair had 16 homer with 61 rbi and 131 games over all this soap. giants can really use his power in the loon up if healthy. game 1 tonight of the alcs. orioles and royals they were ready for this both of the
9:56 pm
teams out of the post season for awhile so this year big deal. royals top the of the third. bases loaded for alex. bhe b fair in ther -5 eth pop up then bl offyn o'deahat'way you get pg there andc onouplruns. in thetta in a nd me.nd a half hoe. c. hed rival g at . and rivalryt players par lieer m his ersity of b yadowns i 3
9:57 pm
. nfl san round draft ph. >> buffalo you had thepartner rs saready for. b brandon n to asamericanorn player in history andeci we wou good backhives for a withdone001 dal off h tag. d tired ofq more fun me. n >>ng you have dailyomets .lon it it's of
9:58 pm
>>re the hair golden bdrib bling theoff head fa forward fine equador a g ute furta call beenish upway ment of pl handshake coahough onshipafter landon rostern the summer.ame ou by 1-1w. 7 sports liev yes >>tis e of 7iton headmpressive. o thanksso much for. new hou c 7
9:59 pm
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oh, i love myy. it's hankemfy. it's my blumf ulesen yit's time to tat tff.alk uckles) i i dare all o. i ar ta touch it. me,


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